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Prairieview School Bulletin for Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Silver Cord links and details
The Silver Cord Program recognizes students for community service throughout their high school years. The Class of 2022 (current ninth graders) is already registered on our website at www.waukeesilvercord.org. The Class of 2023 (current eighth graders) can begin earning silver cord hours for service on or after November 15, 2019. For program details, please review our Silver Cord Handbook. Current service opportunities can be found here: Volunteer Opportunities. Follow Waukee Silver Cord on Facebook and Twitter for new opportunities. Email silvercord@waukeeschools.org with any questions!

PV Yearbook waitlist
Prairieview parents/guardians: Although the yearbook purchase deadline has passed, Prairieview School has a waitlist for those who still would like the opportunity to purchase a yearbook. If you have not ordered one and would like to be put on the waitlist, please email Donny Hughes at dhughes@waukeeschools.org. The cost is $30; however, payment will not be needed until all yearbook purchases prior to the deadline have been distributed. Note: Those on the waitlist are not promised a copy of the yearbook. All yearbooks will be distributed in August. You will not want to miss out on a beautiful, full-color collection of memories. A talented group of current students is working hard to photograph, interview, and design every single page for both 8th and 9th grade happenings. You definitely don't want your child to miss out! If you have any questions, please email Donny Hughes at dhughes@waukeeschools.org. Thank you, Donny Hughes and Sheena Grove, Intro. to Publications Teachers

To report an absence, late arrival or early pick-up
For any information related to whether or what time your student will be at school, please leave a voicemail on our Attendance Line: 515-987-2757. Save that in your phone as it is the number you will need most often. It is checked all day long. If you have an urgent absence come up and you will be at Prairieview less than 30 minutes after your call, call Jeni Adams, student services secretary, who handles all attendance issues and student records, at 515-987-2772. If you have questions or concerns that are not related to an appointment, tardiness, leaving school early or an absence, call Hope Johnson, building secretary at 515-987-2770.

Have an athlete at your home? Bookmark this link
The CIML website is kept up-to-date and this link will show you each day's competitions: https://cimlcentral.org/public/genie/79/school/8/. You may also want to look around that site for full schedules and details of your student's sports events. Families, if your student is in Waukee athletics, the coach for each team should be communicating with students and families about games/meets and times and locations etc. Please reach out to your student's coach(es) as your first point of contact if you have questions. Feel free to share this link with family or friends who like to support your students!

Procedures for picking up students, dropping off items
When picking up a student early for dismissal, parents need to come into the office to see the secretary in the front office. This is part of our system to keep students safe. Also, please tell your students to pick up their passes in the morning or during passing periods if they know they are leaving. This helps with not having to disturb classroom learning to distribute dozens of passes each day. If you choose to drop off items your students forgot to bring, please put the item on the shelf under the TV in the front office, label it with your student's name and text your child to come pick it up. We know that students often learn best when they experience the natural consequences of their lack of preparation but we understand that once in a while parents bail them out. Thank you for helping your students develop these essential life skills.

Review: End-of-the-day pick-up procedures!
In our continued effort to keep our students safe, please consider changing the manner in which you drop off and pick up your student at Prairieview. We know that many cars get “stuck” on University Avenue unable to turn into our drive. This creates a safety risk to vehicles that are traveling on University Avenue as well as to students who are entering and exiting those same vehicles that have yet to turn onto our drive. We ask you to please take a look at this map. The map outlines in great detail, and in color, where parking and waiting for students is permitted and where it is not permitted. Please note that you should never at any time be parked on University Avenue. There are three parking lots surrounding Prairieview that can be used as waiting areas for students. We have also outlined four exits near those parking areas. Feel free to pull into any empty parking spot while waiting for your student to be dismissed from school if the permitted areas (single lane) on the drive surrounding the school is filled. We encourage you to remind your student to use the designated crosswalks for their safety. We include this information with the sincerest hope that we can make student drop off and pick up a safe and smooth process.

Class schedules for Prairieview
All regular schedules are available here on the Prairieview page of the Waukee website. Hint: You may want to bookmark that so you can easily find it when planning appointments.

Parking options for PV student drivers
Unfortunately, we do not have any designated parking available for our students. Spaces that were available for our students in past years will now be reserved for Waukee High School upperclassmen who purchase parking permits. There are not enough spaces for all of the WHS students, even with the addition of a new parking lot. The district recognizes that this causes problems for some of our families, especially those whose students have before- or after-school practices or rehearsals. These families have some options: 1) Students may park at the Waukee Innovation and Learning Center (WILC), 295 SE Ashworth and then board a shuttle to the high school. Details about pick-up times are being worked out. That information will be made available to you as soon as it is determined. 2) Park in a nearby neighborhood. 3) Carpool with upperclassmen on their athletic team/activity group if that's an option. 4) Park together with other team members and walk together.

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